A Bit of Seventies, Or Why You Should Be Wearing Flared Pants

Even though I was planning to share this outfit while I was still on vacation in sunny (actually cloudy) Miami, I let myself to take a little break from my laptop and observe the beauty around us. I guess we all need that from time to time, right? So, today’s look is all about flared pants. Can you imagine the last time I wore these was about six years ago? Just recently, I found my first bootcut jeans by J.Brand in the very far corner of my closet. Obviously, I couldn’t fit in, so I headed to Aritzia in the Eaton Center to see if they had some on sale. I was lucky to get these beautiful black corduroy pants for only 40 $, which totally made my day.

You probably already know that the ’70s was a huge trend last fall, and that it stayed strong in spring and summer 2016 runways (with the accent on suede and mixed prints). So, we better get those suede jackets and flared pants ready, because this trend doesn’t show any signs of slowing down. You know, there are quite a few things I love about ‘7os fashion: those peasant blouses and floral maxi dresses, ponchos, ripped jeans. (By the way, did you know that it was during 70s that ripped jeans became an object of desire for fashionistas, rather than the sign of over-wearing denim and being poor?). If you are not into the hippie vibe yet, you can still rock the ’70s trend by getting a bell-bottom or flared pants, like I did.

If you are petite like me, trust me, they are not just a trendy piece. A pair of flares will make your legs appear longer, if you choose a high-waisted pair, hemmed to about 1/4 inch off the floor and make sure to tuck in your shirt or sweater to emphasize your waist.

flared pants

Flared Pants

Flared Pants

Flared Pants

Flared Pants


I was wearing:

  • Flared Pants by Aritzia
  • Cropped Tee by Aritzia
  • Ankle Boots by Aldo
  • Messenger Bag by 3.1 Phillip Lim (sold out)



  1. You are too good looking to handle – woo! You’re right, they do make your legs look longer. But being petite, you also need to wear heels in order to really pull it off. You are wearing it well, but honestly every pair I’ve tried has just looked so goofy with my awkwardly skinny legs 😀

  2. You look so beautiful, Yulia! I adore your new pants, which fit you perfectly, and help to add that nice touch of ’70s to your look. I LOVE this trend and I secretly hope it never leaves, haha! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you’re having a great start to your week so far!



  3. I am a short girl so I thought flares would make me look even shorter, so I haven’t given them a try for so long. If they would make my legs appear longer, then I know what to check next. Your outfit is pretty, and flares really suits you. x


  4. I am loving this outfit! I have a pair of flared pants that I wear pretty frequently. They just make an outfit look more voluminous. (Is that weird? Did I just compare an outfit to hair? LOL!)

    Connie | Sponsored by Coffee | Etsy

  5. My goodness! how can you make these flared pants look so chic and not too boho? I really love how you wore it hun!!! These pants look so classy and pretty on you!!!
    I myself am too reluctant to wear one because I lack the creativity to make it work so flawlessly like you did! Wish I could!!!! 🙂



  6. Ooh, I just returned from Miami, too! Small world.

    Your figure is so beautiful! I’ve been looking for the perfect pair of slightly flared trousers for ages now, these are great. You look so classic.

    I didn’t know that about ripped denim, actually, but I love the ripped denim look…so I must love 70’s fashion more than I realised 😀


  7. Dear Yulia, the flare pants you bought are really amazing! And I can only agree to what you wrote about flare pants as I’m also a very little person 🙂 I started wearing flares again a few years ago and I got a lot of positive feedback for them. But I’m convinced you got even much more such feedback for your perfect and very beautiful look.
    Enjoy your time in the warmth!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  8. I really try and put away my phone and laptop from time to time. Chase says I’m on it way too much…eekk. Glad to hear that you allowed yourself to take a break:-). Okay, u seriously need to wear flared pants more often! You look so chic and can definitely pull them off. I’m also such a fan of those peasant blouses, which reminds me I need to find one. And I think I said this on instagram, but I want your booty! In a non creepy way of course… hahaha.


  9. Hey Yulia,

    You look great in those! I’ve tried on a pair of flare jeans but I have no idea what to pair them with apart from a white shirt. Any suggestions apart from a cropped top?

    Thanks, and have a great week ahead!

    xx, Faizah

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