JORD Watch Review + Gift Card Giveaway!

Good morning, guys! Sometimes I feel like I’ve spent so many hours shopping online in my life that there is no fashion accessory that can really impress or surprise me to the “wow” point. I am probably talking like an old lady right now, but if you are one of those girls who can easily sacrifice a night of sleep for browsing Pinterest or Instagram in search of inspiration, you’d totally understand. So, a bit earlier this fall, something interesting happened: I was asked to review and style a wood watch! Yes, a very fine and luxury watch made of natural wood. The moment I got an e-mail from JORD watch, I checked their website and was amazed by the style and uniqueness of their product line. Obviously, I jumped in and couldn’t wait to receive it and try it on – how often do you get to wear something so excitingly unusual?

What you should know about JORD Watch

My Koa & Ash watch arrived in a matter of days after placing the order, but that seemed like an eternity to me – honestly, I can’t remember the last time I got that curious to try something.

  • Packaging. The watch made a great first impression; it came in a beautiful wood box, safely wrapped around a little pillow.
  • Style. Just like I expected, the bracelet felt incredibly light, but elegant and very well-made. Seriously, why wood is so understated in the world of fashion?
  • VersatilityI immediately tried it on with a couple of my favourite sweaters and a grey jacket – it perfectly matched everything, thanks to its minimalistic design and beautiful bronze colour.
  • Quality. JORD watches are powered by Swiss movement and come with one-year warranty.
  • Comfort. It’s definitely the most comfortable watch I ever owned, and I am not just talking about its lightness. The deployment buckle makes it very easy to close the watch; plus, the wood bracelet allows the skin to breathe while staying put.
  • Custom sizing. Did I mention it was perfectly sized for my tiny 14-cm wrist? JORD watch offers free custom sizing; all you have to do is to print out the ruler from their website and measure your wrist.

If you are wondering what to offer your loved ones this Christmas, I can’t think of a more unique, sustainable and stylish gift than one of Jord watches. They have a line for both men and women (check how many male bloggers are wearing them here), so yes, even if your other half or friend “already has everything”, I bet he or she doesn’t have a watch like this.

Giveaway time

The best part is that there is an amazing contest that you can enter to win 75 $ gift card to spend on Jord. How cool would it be if you win this just in time for the gift-giving season? Simply click HERE to enter by November 27, 2016. Can this get any better? Yes! No matter if you win or not, you are still getting a 20$ gift card that you can use until February 28, 2017.

Guys, feel free to browse these beautiful watches below and let me know which one is your favourite!

Watches Made From Wood

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway

Jord Watch Review + Giveaway



  1. Dear Yulia, I really understand your feelings 🙂 And your amazement for this beautiful watch, too! This watch looks wonderful classy and therefore perfectly to your well thought out and elegant style <3 Love as usual your look of today! Thanks for the giveaway and enjoy your weekend!
    xx Rena
    PS: Thanks for your question. I have linked the shirt in my post 🙂

    • Rena, thank you for such a nice comment! I knew you’ll love the watch; I think we are both into classic, elegant things:)

  2. What a nice watch ,Perfect for me with it’s big face so i can see the time. Thank you

  3. I love JORD watches for the reasons you’ve mentioned, mainly because they’re so incredibly unique! They would certainly make a wonderful gift idea, as I’m sure most people don’t have anything like it and the quality is absolutely amazing! I love the one you’ve selected here, girlie; I love the oversized face! Thanks so much for sharing and I hope you have the most amazing start to your week, beauty!



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