Formula for The Perfect Gift + Gift Guides for Him and Her Under 100$

Happy 1st day of December, everyone! What do you like the most about holidays? I’d say I love receiving giving gifts without hesitation – there is nothing more enjoyable than watching our family and friends unwrap their presents and smile. But how do we find the right gift for everyone? Going through dozens of gift guides with nothing but sets of pajamas and scented candles in them won’t help unless you understand something.

As for me, I am not picky at all; seriously, any gift would please me (as long as it’s pretty, shiny, sparkly and related to fashion). However, we all have at least one person in our lives who “has everything” or “doesn’t want anything”. Lucky us! You know, the thing with those hard-to-buy-for men relatives is to look for something they wouldn’t buy themselves, simply because they never make time for it or because there is no reason to do so, in their opinion. The key is to observe. Maybe your Dad’s wallet has worn out years ago, but he doesn’t replace it? Maybe your girlfriend mentioned she liked her friend’s iPhone case by Stella McCartney, but she says she doesn’t really need it? Well, here you go.

But what if you are simply out of ideas – let’s say, it is your sister and you already gave her plenty of presents over the years. In either case, I got you covered. Here are a few ideas that I summed up in my very first gift guide.

Which one you’d choose?

Formula for The Perfect Gift + Gift Guides for Him and Her

Sweater by Free People – Colouring book by Vogue – Hat by Brixton – Necklace by Vanessa Mooney – Wine glass by Easy Tiger – Gloves by Carolina Amato – iPhone case by Stella McCartney

Holiday Gift Guides for Him and Her Under 100$Sweater by J.Crew – Shirt by J.Crew – Gloves by Polo Ralph Lauren – Umbrella by London Undercover – Wallet by Uri Minkoff – Belt by J.Crew – Scarf by J.Crew



  1. Hey bored guys color too! There is a ton of books out there dedicated to dads and dudes 😀 But It’s awesome, and well put together!

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